How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page? – 8 Strategies That Work

Facebook has unquestionably the most popular social media platform, so it is important to start a page and engage your customer or leads. After pressing on the create button, the next step will be getting more fans. Do you want to learn how to get more likes on your Facebook page?

6 Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

1. Use the Facebook Invite Button

Facebook enables you to invite your current friends or relatives (as long as they have a Facebook account) to like your Facebook page. If you have just started a new page, this is definitely the best method to get your first Facebook page like.

2. Facebook’s Secret Invite Button

Besides sending invites to Facebook friends who you already know to like your page (in point 1), do you know that there is a “Hidden” button to boost your facebook like? It is to invite those people that have liked your post but have not liked your page yet.

How do I Access this Feature?

Go to your Facebook page, choose any post that has engagement with likes. Click on the Like button and you will see 3 kinds of buttons:

Invite – This is the “hidden” button. You can invite the person who has engaged with your post previously to like your facebook page.

Liked – These people have already liked your page.

Invited – These are the group of people who an invitation has been sent to, but they have not yet accepted.

You might be overwhelmed now but hold your horse. Here are some bonus tips for this trick to work more effectively.

– Send the invite within 24 hours of engagement because the success rate will be higher
– Do not mass invite in a short while because Facebook might put a temporary action restriction for 12-24 hours

This trick works well because you are targeting people that has already engaged and show interest in your post

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page secret button
3. Organize a Contest with Free Giveaway

A contest offering free giveaways is a good way to garner more Facebook page likes or even potential leads. It does not have to be an expensive giveaway, it can be a gift card, your own products, e-books and anything of value.

Always read the latest Facebook guidelines and policies before running the contest.

4. Put in a Facebook Page Like Widget in Website

If you have a website, it is good to add a facebook page like widget to increase your page likes. If you have a WordPress site, you can easily implement it with many free plugins available. Beside that, you can also insert social follow buttons to boost the effectiveness.

5. Engage consistently with Value

People love pages that provide valuable content at a consistent timing. If you keep curating high quality, people might share it and once it goes viral, it will boost your page exponentially.

On the other hand, if you keep selling your products at every post on Facebook, people might get turned off and just walk away.

6. Create a facebook group for the like-minded people

Creating facebook groups in your own niche can be a good method to reach like-minded prospects. Leverage on it to build rapports and trust as the level of engagement is higher in groups. This will eventually beef up your Facebook like too.

In conclusion, even though you already know how to get more likes on your Facebook page, it might still be a slow process. You need to be patient and try out the tips mentioned in this article.Eventually, you will find people swarming into your page.


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