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Difference Between Facebook Page and Profile

Everyone is very familiar with this social media platform – Facebook and I believe most of us already have our own personal Facebook profile to keep in touch with our loved ones, relative, old friends online and also connecting with new friends.

Beside social networking, businesses, regardless big or small are already leveraging on this platform to market their products/services and building their branding online. There is another Facebook business page feature that cater to this requirement.

Well, you may be asking yourself right now, So what are the difference between a Facebook Page and Profile? Let’s understand them in this simple comparison table.

Difference Between Facebook Page and Profile in a Glance

FeaturesFacebook ProfileFacebook Page
TypePersonalBusiness or Branding
Uses and RightStrictly for Personal Content and NOT for business purpose. Your account might be suspended if you post business-related stuff on your ProfileFor business purpose like promoting products and services. You can also Include customer reviews.
EngagementLimited to 5000 friendsPage Likes, Not Friends (Unlimited Likes)
Advertising OptionsNoYes
Privacy Privacy settings can be set to limit the visibility of your contents and posts to your preference.Open to Public
AdministrationCreate multiple pages and groupsYou can assign roles to team members, but you still need to own a Facebook profile to create a page
Analytics Not AvailableThere is a feature to check your analytics and page insights (for e.g demographics of visitors of your page, post reach and etc)
PermissionYou need to send friend request and it depends on the other party if he/she approve the requestAnybody can view and Like a Page

Now you have learnt about the difference between Facebook page and profile, hope you can have a clearer picture on how to get started to build your branding.