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About Me

Digital Marketer by Profession | Human Profile by Passion | On a Mission to Empower People


I am an online entrepreneur by profession, human profiler by passion and also a Daddy on a Parenting journey with one awesome daughter.

Since 2010, i have been exploring into the different aspects of Online Marketing, ranging from developing website, affiliate marketing, e-commerce drop-shipping, email marketing, youtube marketing and many more.

The best thing I love about this profession and passion is that you can work anywhere you love and even in your pyjamas, as long as there is Internet access.

Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. 

Applying that knowledge is power.

Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!

My Skills

I develop professional websites, develop online strategies, video animation creation for individuals & small companies

I also help individual to know themselves better with human profiling and how they can leverage on their hidden talent and bring their life or career to a greater height.

  • Website Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Animation Video Creation

Let’s Connect

Have a question or just want to get in touch? Just message me!